Thursday, October 18, 2012

Simile of the Day: A Hurried Chef Gets Creative

"Pig snout" is like if bacon & rubber bands had a baby."  --Chef Sean, from the "Very Piggy Halloween" episode of Chopped.

First of all, if I can hear an original simile, that in itself is worth skipping a meal. But if it's original, accurate, and teaches me something, that's worth fasting for. That said, the Simile of the Day goes to Chef Sean from this year's Halloween episode of Chopped. In the appetizer round, one of the ingredients was pig snout. As he sliced the raw nasal cavity he said, "pig snout is like if bacon and rubber bands had a baby." It's creative, yet more than that, it provides me with insight into both the taste and texture of the food. I admit, I doubt I'd order pig snout, but if I were at a party where it was served, I'd try it.

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